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As Seen on TV
Red Dress, Oct 2003, 12.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 0373250363 Her boyfriend Steve Stein owns and runs Manna Restaurant in Manhattan while Sunny Langstein works in Fort Lauderdale as an Assistant Manager at Panda. When Steve invites Sunny to move in with him, she accepts. Knowing she needs to find work, Sunny lies her way into interviews until she shockingly lands a contestant role on the TV reality show Party Girls. Her fifteen minutes of TV fame cha...
Red Dress, Oct 2002, 12.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0373250207 When you are young and near the bottom of the employment ladder, renting an apartment in downtown Toronto can be quite a slice of one's income. Individuals can go it alone if they do not mind skipping three meals a day. However, when three incomes split the rent and utilities suddenly the costs are not just bearable, there is some cash for other things. Allie, Emma, and Jodine become roomm...
Me vs. Me
Gabby, a 24 year old TV professional in Arizona, receives a dream job offer: she is invited to New York to work as a news producer. Everything sounds just wonderful: the contract, the pay, the job itself; it is something Gabby has always wanted. However, if she moves to New York she will have to work something out with her boyfriend Cam: Cam does not want her to leave, and he is not keen on long distance relationship, either. Gabby does not know what ...
Jackie is a proofreader for a magazine called cupid and is going steady with a guy called jeremy (Jer). He decides to pack his bags and go to Thailand and informs Jackie that they should see other people. She spends the rest of the book in various "relationships" which she is hideously mismatched to! One of the funniest (if that is the right word!) is Tim who is dreadful at sex, yet can see no problem with the three second session! ...

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Monkey Business
Red Dress, Oct 2004, 12.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0373250711 At the University of Connecticut Business School in Maplewood, Kimmy Nailer, a student from Arizona, has sex with Jamie who is in one of her classes. Then she decides that pothead Russ might be a better choice for her. Jamie keeps sniffing at her skirts until he notices Manhattan's Layla Roth. However, Layla has chosen some stud whose application makes him worthy of her attention at least ...

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