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Digging Up Momma
Samantha Adams, journalist turned aspiring author, is preparing to leave for her Uncle George's birthday party when she receives a cryptic letter from her mother. Considering that her mother supposedly died in a plane crash over 3 decades ago, Sam immediately changes her plans and flies to Santa Fe. She meets her mother, an interior designer, who has made quite a name for herself in New Mexico, but, before she can delve into the older woman's past, her...
She Walks in Beauty
Samantha Adams, a cynical, crime journalist for the Atlanta Constitution, travels on assignment to Atlantic City, New Jersey to cover the Miss America Pageant. She brings her boyfriend Harry and her dog Harpo along for the weekend, a weekend that she assumes will be filled with vacuous females, spangles and glitter. But, when one of the judges fails to show up for the first evening's show, Sam sees his disappearance as a chance to use her investigative...