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In a Wild Wood
Signet, Aug 2004, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0451210298 At a time he should feel euphoric for the birth of his heir, the embittered Earl feels anger at his wife because he believes she cheated on him though she denies his accusations. Worse, he learns that twins are born and that the midwife failed to identify which child came first. He informs his spouse that he will raise one child and she the other. The stronger lad will inherit the estate. Yea...
Under A Wild Sky
After Ronin's family and castle are destroyed, he ventures off into the legendary forest, home to princess Kalial and her followers, in an effort to ward off his enemies and arrange his revenge. Ambushed by the fabled inhabitants of the forest, Ronin, in an attempt to ensure his safety, takes Kalial as his captive, thinking that the spirited lad is a young boy. Upon learning that the boy is, indeed, a gorgeous and feisty woman, the two embark on a wo...