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Red Seas Under Red Skies
After making themselves targets for the deadly Bondsmagi and escaping their home city of Camorr, Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen find themselves in the kingdom of Tal Verrar. Locke is in depression after losing his friends and livelihood, and Jean tries to pull him out with the temptation of a new con. Together, they start gaming the Sinspire, Tal Verrar's premiere casino. Before they can pull off the heist, the Bondsmagi catch up and deliver them into the ...
The Lies of Locke Lamora
The book opens in the city of Camorr, a Venice-like labyrinth of deceit, splendor, and luxury. Locke Lamora is known as the Thorn, one of the best con men in a city full of them. Stability is maintained by the Secret Peace, an agreement between the city's law enforcement and its powerful mafia network. When a mysterious figure known as the Grey King starts murdering important capos, Locke and his gang, known as the Gentleman Bastards, have to drop their ...
The Lies of of Locke Lamora
A group of swashbuckling thieves, eventually led by Locke Lamora, are in a turf fight for the city with a mysterious figure attempting to take over the world of organized crime. This is swashbuckling light-hearted fantasy at its best, bringing a setting reminiscent of late-medieval Venice and giving it an Ocean's 11 flavor. For a debut novel, it is a story told with power and skillful prose. In the Venice-lookalike city of Camorr, a successful group o...