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Island of the Blue Dolphins
At the beginning of "Island of the Blue Dolphins," Karana is jus a normal Indian girl who lives on an island with her family. But when a threat of war is posed to the islands, the people decide to leave. When Karana's brother forgets something on the island, she goes back…and the boats leave without her. Thus, she is left to fend for herself. She spends her time only surviving, waiting for her family to come back. But then she realizes that they are not...
My Name Is Not Angelica
Sixteen year old Raisha is living with her family in Africa when she is taken hostage by slave traders and transported on a ship away from her homeland. On board the ship is Konje, Reisha's close friend and the man she is betrothed to marry. For six months the ship sails on the high seas, stopping at different ports to pick up additional slaves. Finally, the ship reaches the islands of St. Thomas and St, John, the place where the slaves will be placed...
Streams to the River, River to the Sea
Sacagawea is a young Shoshone girl who is forced to marry a French trader. She and her husband are hired by explorers Lewis and Clark to go with them on their journey to the Pacific Ocean, with Sacagawea serving as a translator and sometimes guide. The journey is fraught with danger, from meeting hostile natives to surviving the elements, and Sacagawea must all the while take care of her infant son. She ends up falling in love with Clark, but longs to...
In this sequel to Island of the Blue Dolphins, Zia is the young niece of Karana, the American Indian woman who was stranded on an island for 18 years. Zia and her younger brother Mando are orphans living in a California missionary. They are convinced that Karana is still alive on the island. They decide to rescue her by canoeing out to the island, a dangerous journey that will take several days. Can they survive the adventure, and will they find thei...

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