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Personal Injuries
Robbie Feaver is a Personal Injuries lawyer of dubious practrices and a remarkable ability of justifying his actions to himself. When the IRS and FBI come knocking on his door about an illegal bank account that was traced as a source of the payoffs they think go to a ring of coruppt judges headed by one Brendan Tuhoey, who apart from being a dangerous and cunning man is also Feaver's relative of sorts. The FBI offer Feaver immunity if he would wear a wi...
Presumed Innocent
In the novel Presumed Innocent, by Scott Turow, the main character Rusty Sabich, chief prosecutor of Kindle County, is helping his friend Raymond Horgan, run for re-election. During this time, Carolyn Polhemus, a colleague of Rusty's is brutually raped and murdered. With the case becoming an important issue, Rusty, who had a short affair with Carolyn, was assigned to it. The case goes no where due to the lack of evidence and no clues. After Ra...
Reversible Errors
Rommy "Squirrel" Gandolph says from Death Row that he didn't do commit a crime. A different, now dying prisoner insists he was the one that did! Civil litigator Arthur Raven was awarded the final appeal of Rommy's demise, and itchingly resolves to do his best to save one mans life, and be a hero of sorts, if not for anyone else, for his own self worth, and maybe to jarr his schizophrenic sister Susan's attention to him, just one more time. The odd's a...
The Burden of Proof
Alejandro “Sandy” Stern is devastated by the loss of his wife of 31 years to suicide. As he prepares for the funeral, his brother-in-law Dixon Hartnell is served with a federal subpoena investigating unscrupulous business practices surrounding his brokerage firm. Stern will act as counsel for Dixon and suspects someone on the inside is blowing the whistle on him. Inexplicably, Clara's estate is missing roughly $850,000. Little by little, mysteriou...

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Ultimate Punishment
FSG, 2003, 18.00, 164 pp. ISBN: 0374128731 Legal thriller author served as a former federal prosecutor, a death penalty appellate lawyer, and on former Illinois Governor Ryan's Commission on Capital Punishment. Mr. Turow describes his change in attitude towards the death penalty. In this non-fiction book, the author says much of his reflections came about mostly based on his work with the commission. Their findings shocked the country, but n...

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