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Glass Dragons
Tor, Apr 2004, 27.95, 512 pp. ISBN: 0765307979 In ancient times to control the deadly Torrean Storms that had made sea voyages almost impossible and to also manage other weather related magic from the ether, sorcerers create Dragonwall, a magical ring encircling the globe. The sorcerers soon discovered a by-product of their wall, etheric energy that can fry their opponents or anyone that they believed resisted their prowess as absolute power co...
The Centurion's Empire
Vitellan always knew that he felt safe in the cold, but he did not realize that it would alter his life forever. Vitellan is a Roman citizen who has been sent to a special assignment, without his own knowledge, because the Temporians, who are ancient Etruscans who freeze themselves in order to live for centuries, want to recruit him. But the Temporian stronghold is penetrated which makes them send Vitellan away. Interestingly, the thief that broke into t...
The Miocene Arrow
Tor, May 2001, 15.95, 416 pp. ISBN: 0312875479 By the middle of the fortieth century, the Call continues its domination of animal life in North America by hypnotizing humans to die like lemurs into the oceans. Few spots remain that can deal with the Call's mysterious siren. Over the centuries, Mounthaven has formed a chivalrous society to survive more than just the passing Call. Air duels between honorable men is how disputes are settled. ...
Voyage of the Shadowmoon
Tor, Dec 2003, 27.95, 496 pp. ISBN: 0312877404 Led by Captain Ferran, the bizarre crew of the Shadowmoon seems like weird cargo handlers sailing the seas. Though they actually trade the goods kept in the hold of their schooner, the mission of the Shadowmoon is to sail the ports of the continent Torea seeking information as the crew serves as an undercover espionage unit. The orb changes for Ferran and friends when they see the horrifying tota...

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