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Dark Rendezvous
Del Rey, Dec 2004, 7.50, 352 pp. ISBN 0345463099 After the battle of Genosis, the republic is plunged into a galaxy wide war led by Count Dooku, once a Jedi in training who studied with Yoda. Now he turns to the dark side of the force answering only to his master Darth Sidious. The Count has captured Jedi Knight Jai Moruk and has him deliver a message to Yoda to see if they can negotiate a peace with the stipulation that Yoda must come to him o...
Night Watch
This novel is set in the world of Resurrection Man. In the early twentieth century, magic bled into and changed the world and the human race. Now magic is leaving the world and several characters living in a nearly abandoned city are trying to solve the mystery of the city's safety and existence....
Nobody's Son
Nobody's Son begins with the end of the "Once Upon a Time...Happily Ever After" story, with Shielder's Mark, a commoner, succeeding in an impossible quest and winning the hand of the princess. Stewart writes about the difficulties of "Happily Ever After" for someone who wants to know what happens next, and about characters who are not quite ready for their happily ever after....
Perfect Circle
Will Kennedy is also known as “Dead” Kennedy (DK) for two reasons: His love for alternative music (which is liberally interwoven with the story throughout this book) and the fact that he sees ghosts (which he has tried to downplay for years). Now 32 years old, he is still a serious and deliberate underachiever, has had a series of low level jobs and is just barely “getting by”. He has a kooky family and friends whose dialogue and voices are both laugh...

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