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Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray has had a privileged upbringing in the Scottish Highlands although there are dark undercurrents of fear and mistrust surrounding her relationship with her father, a WW1 veteran who never quite recovered from his experiences. Charlotte moved to London during WW2 in order to 'do her bit' for the war effort and finds herself mixing with a pleasant but mainly superficial crowd of people. Her flat mates have little in common with her. Sh...
On Green Dolphin Street (Literature)
America,1959. English diplomat Charlie van der Linden and his wife Mary enjoy a quiet but affluent lifestyle in Washington, until at one of their frequent parties they meet idealistic American journalist Frank Renzo. Mary finds herself preferring Frank to her increasingly absent and alcoholic husband, and begins an affair....
On Green Dolphin Street (Romance)
Mary van der Linden moves from London to Washington DC. She is married with Charlie, who works for the British Embassy. They have two children, Louisa and Richard. At a party she meets a journalist, Frank Renzo. Frank and Mary are falling in love with each other. Meanwhile Charlie must face the pressure of his work, the pressure of the Cold War and the pressure of the presidential race between Kennedy and Nixon... Charlie starts to drink a lot. Mary m...
The Girl at the Lion d'Or
Twenty-year old Anne arrives at the Lion d'Or, a hotel in a small French town, Janvilliers, to take on the position of waitress. She is alone and penniless. She is fleeing from her past, in which she has tragically become an orphan. At the hotel she meets very interesting people, most of whom she does come to like. But she tells the secretive information about her past to no-one until she meets and falls in love with Charles Hartmann, a married Jewish la...

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