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The Last Mermaid
Bantam, Jun 2004 ISBN: 0553584979 In 531 on the island Kelmere of the Kingdom of Isles, Picts ambush the royal party as they near their keep. Prince Aedan, heir to the High King throne, is stabbed trying to save his younger sister. When Aedan next awakens he finds himself battered in a strange bed and room. He meets his hostess Ione who brought him from the sea to her island, something she has never done before. Aedan realizes he is on Kell, ...
The Secret Swan
At fifteen Lady Amiranth St. Clare became the bride of Tristan Geraint. She thought all her dreams had come true - until she learned on her wedding day that Tristan had married her only for her bloodline. A week later Tristan deserted her for the glories of battle. Heartbroken, Amiranth felt she'd been abandoned, not knowing that Tristan had become a prisoner of war - nor that he would one day return to the life he didn't kow he wanted until it was ta...