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No Man's Bride
Catherine Fullbright is a woman who has vowed never to marry, her and her devoted friends have formed the Spinsters Club, each for their own reasons. Catherine has vowed never to marry because she does not want to be tied to a man who abuses her like her father. Catherine's father sees her as plain jane, unequitable, where as her younger sister, Elizabeth, is a diamond of the first water, blond and beautiful, but evil like their father in every way....
Pride and Petticoats
Alfred, Lord Dewhurst, is a man close to achieving his mission to find an American born spy named Cade Pettigru. On the night they raid his office, he manages to elude them but leaves behind a key to luring him out, Charlotte Burton, Cade's childhood family friend. In order to lure out Cade, Alfred and his fellow spy friends decide the best way is for him to pretend he is married to Charlotte, so Cade will have the incentive to retrieve Charlotte ...
When Dashing Met Danger
Alex Scarston, the Earl of Selbourne, is a spy who has been asked to do a special favor for his brother's in laws, the Dashings. Alex, who had been deeply undercover in France for over five years, comes back to find that little Lucia Dashing has grown up to be a beautiful and passionate woman. Alex, whose father has left deep emotional scars against marriage, denies his feeling for the charming woman. Lucia has always had a secret crush on A...