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Book of a Thousand Days
A young girl is a servant to a weak-minded and weak-willed Lady and ends up fighting her fights for her and leading her people for her until she is unwittingly revealed as the true servant in the relationship. This story is set in an alternate fantasy land similar to the Mongolian Steppes region of our world. The main character, Dashti, lives a simple life on the plains, learning the songs and ways of her people. She is part of a group of people called t...
Enna Burning
Enna discovers that she has the power to speak the language of Fire and call it to do her bidding, but with this power comes great temptation to destroy and burn everything, including herself. Enna is a Forest born who is great friends with the Queen of Bayern, Isi. In the world where Enna lives, people can be born with the power to speak/persuade people, speak to animals, and speak/control the elements. In a past story, Enna had helped Isi to reclaim a ...
Forest Born
The story beings with Rin's birth and how she was her Ma's only daughter out of a tumble of sons. Rin was her Ma's favorite and is closest to her brother, Razo. One day, being left alone with her young niece, an equally young Rin discovers that she can make her niece give her everything from her stick to her favorite shoes and her treasures. When her Ma comes home, she is angry at Rin for treating her cousin in that way and Rin, having never experienced ...
Princess Academy
Miri is a fourteen-year-old from Mt. Eskel who has never been allowed to work with the rest of the villagers (young and old, men and women) in the quarry that keeps the community alive. Because of this, she feels like an outcast in the community and feels cut off from the culture that is largely formed by their working life in the quarry. Despite this, she is very close to her father and her sister. She is also best friends with a boy in the village, Ped...

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The Goose Girl
Princess Ani's identity is stolen by her most loyal servant, Selia and she must build her confidence, cleverness and courageousness to set things back to rights. This story is set in the world where people can have certain categories of magical powers: the power of people-speaking, the power of animal-speaking and the power of nature-speaking. Unlike most of her ruling ancestors, Princess Ani does not have the power of people-speaking but rather has the ...

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