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Behind Closed Doors
Raine Cameron is working at her uncle's business thinking he won't recognize her since he hasn't seen her in years and she is going by a different name. She is there to find out the truth about who killed her father. In the meantime Seth Mackey, a sexy securities specialist is out to catch the mastermind behind his brother's horrible murder. Seth and Raine meet in an explosive meeting, not realizing that they are both out to snag the same men but bot...
Return to Me
Kensington, Jun 2004, 14.00 ISBN: 0758205600 Seventeen years ago Simon Riley fled LaRue, Oregon because of his crazy uncle and a stable fire he caused to become a famous photojournalist. He finally comes home to learn what happened to Uncle Gus, who five months ago apparently committed suicide. However, the email Gus sent that same day to Simon sounded paranoid not suicidal as his uncle mentioned he has proof that will shock everyone. Simon wa...
Standing in the Shadows
Connor's partner was murdered, and Connor spent several months in a coma, left with scars, burns and a shattered leg. His colleague, Ed Riggs, was corrupted and blackmailed and is now in prison. Conner was the cop that put him away. He also saved Riggs daughter Erin who he loves. Novak is supposed to be rotting in a maximum security prison, but Connor has just heard of his escape. Novak almost got his vicious claws into Erin once, and if the Feds won't p...