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At Her Service
Warner, Jan 2005, 6.50, 368 pp. ISBN: 0446614653 In 1350, Widow Lady Joanna worries about how to keep her surviving daughter Ivy safe and alive when terrorist outlaws constantly plunge Lynwood Manor, knowing no lord sits in the manor. The human male villagers do their best, but they are not skilled to match the outlaws. Desperate for a swordsman, Joanna tries to hire mercenary Logan Grimm, whose loyalty goes as far as the person who pays his bi...
Once A Bride
Eloise is the last unmarried daughter of a Knight (Sir John) who has gained great wealth doing his duty to his country and King. At the same time John has made an enemy in a local Earl when he won't either 1 Give a part of Eloise's dowry land to the Earl or 2 Let one of the Earl's lesser sons marry his daughter. The book begins with Sir John being accused of treason and fleeing the Castle before the Earl comes to arrest him. The King has sent alon...
The Ideal Husband
Warner, Oct 2003, 5.99, 400 pp. ISBN: 0446612286 Sir Geoffrey Hamelin heads home after spending four years in France to attend his sister's wedding. He meets on the ship Leah of Pecham also going home after causing a scandal by running off with a lover who deserted her. When the ship catches fire near Dover, Geoffrey protects Leah and manages to get her a seat on one of the small rescue crafts. However, he is injured not long afterward and she...