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Thirteen year old Domenica Santolia Doone (Dinnie) is sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle at a international boarding school in Switzerland where her Uncle is the headmaster. Caught between missing her old life with her family and enjoying her new life and friends abroad, Dinnie makes friends with a variety of international students, records her dreams, and learns about a world much bigger than the one she grew up in. ...
Chasing Redbird
Thirteen-year-old Zinnia (Zinny) Taylor lives in Bybanks, Kentucky, with too many brothers and sisters, and nothing to call her own. Quiet and shy, Zinny is dwarfed by her large family and the achievements and beauty of her older sisters in particular. Her family shares their house with her Uncle Nate and Aunt “Redbird”, whose deceased daughter Ruth was Zinny's best friend in young childhood, and whom quiet Zinny is closer to than her own parents. Whe...
Love that Dog
Love that Dog is the touching story of a young boy named Jack. The story develops as Jack responds to his teacher, Miss Stretchberry, over the course of the school year. She tries to get him to start writing but Jack keeps saying "I can't" or "i won't". But as the teacher begins to feed him inspiration, Jack finds that he has a lot to say and many ways to say it. All year long, Jack tries to talk about his teacher, his beloved dog Sky, and his life in m...
The Wanderer
This book details the voyage of thirteen year old Sophie and her three uncles and two cousins, Brian and Cody, as they sail from their home in the U.S., across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland, and then to England to visit their grandfather, Bompie. At first the voyage is idyllic, full of island adventures, and exciting marine life. However, the close quarters and long hours begin to wear on the family and they struggle to get along. The tensions of liv...

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Walk Two Moons
Salamanca Tree Hiddle, known as Sal, is traveling from Ohio to Idaho with her grandparents, looking for her mother. While they are going, Sal tells her grandparents a story of Phoebe WInterbottom, her friend back in Ohio, whose mother also disappeared, and received peculiar messages from a lunatic. Phoebe Winterbottom was living happily until she met a weird man on the streets that asked for her name. Phoebe started getting messages from a m...

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