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Don't Cry For Me, Hot Pastrami
Scribner, Sep 2001, 24.00, 298 pp. ISBN: 0684871556 Since the death of Rabbi Stu Rothman, Essie Sue Margolis runs the Temple Rita synagogue in Eternal, Texas. Using a statistically invalid and unreliable sampling of the congregation members, Essie Sue informs the board that the new Rabbi Kevin Kerstein has a very low approval rating. To avoid the selection process of a new rabbi, the board including Ruby, the wife of the deceased previous R...
Hold the Cream Cheese, Kill the Lox
Scribner, Sep 2002, 24.00, 290 pp. ISBN: 0684871564 In Eternal, Texas, Essie Sue Margolis persuades Ruby, the widow of the former rabbi, and the current rabbi Kevin Kapstein to host a Bar Mitzvah at Temple Rita for her two “lovable” third cousins, Larry and Lester Levee. Very quickly, Ruby and company find the two “terrible twelve” year olds to be monsters of the first order. However, with Essie masterminding the ceremony, the Bar Mitzvah shoul...