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Romiette and Julio
Sixteen year old Romiette "Romi" Cappelle is an African American teenager living in Cincinatti, Ohio. Plagued by constant dreams of drowning, Romi searches for an understanding of her fear of water and her recurring nightmares. Sixteen year old Julio Montague is a Mexican teenager who has just moved to Cincinnati. Julio hates the cold weather in Ohio and wishes he could move back home to his grandfather's ranch. Julio knows its impossible since his p...
Tears of a Tiger
Andrew Jackson or as his friends called him, Andy was having a great life. Okay, it wasn't really all that great. He had problems with his teachers and his grades, which would cause problems with his parents. Other than that he had a great girlfriend, Kiesha, and three best friends. They were having fun and joking around, not realizing the important things in life. Well, having too much fun can lead into major trouble. Andy's life changed dramatic...