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Guarder Lore
Novel Books, April 2002, 300 pp. ISBN 193169673x The U.E.N. (United Earthian Nations) was formed in 2045 to defeat the United Soviet States which rose out of the ashes of the Soviet Union. The USS was intent on global domination and its failure to achieve its goal is due in large part to the guardian squadron, a block pps unit of soldiers trained to think and act outside the box. On any planet, in any situation, when someone threatens the peace,...
The Guarder Factor
Novel, 2003, 269 pp. ISBN: 1591051827 The United Earthian Nations Judiciary Board observes the recording of the deadly intensity of the pirate assault on the large super cargo-liner. This was not just another incident over the SouthWestern Corporate Grid-Sector as has frequently occurred over the past four E-years. The ship carrying advanced military weapons was destroyed. The board sends two Guarder Squadron members rather than the FlightForc...