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No Such Thing As A Good Blind Date--A Brandy Alexander Mystery
After moving back to South Philadelphia,28 year old Brandy Alexander has just bought the house she grew up in. Now she's broke and jobless, so when an old high school buddy offers to fix her plumbing in exchange for free room and board, Brandy reluctantly agrees. Her reluctance stems from the fact that her old friend, Toodie, is a little on the eccentric side. Her reluctance turns to full-scale freak-out when she finds a dismembered body in a freezer ...
No Such Thing As A Secret
When Brandy Alexander, a young woman in her late twenties, comes home to South Philadelphia to participate in her friend's wedding, she is unprepared for the events that follow. Her best friend John's boat is "accidentally" blown up--with her friend on it! Everyone keeps telling Brandy it was an unfortunate accident, but Brandy knows better. In the days before the boating accident, John told her he had taken pictures of a young man who ended up being ...