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Cherokee Baby
Julianne Mackenzie feels old at turning 40. Bobby Elk feels like half a man from a tragic accident long ago. Both put aside there insecurities and experience one night of passion which results in a baby. Now they are forced to deal with this outcome. Can both these people learn to accept themselves and each other and find there way to everlasting love?...
Expecting Thunder's Baby
20 years after divorcing her husband, Carrie Lipton finders her ex, Thunder Trueno, waltzing back into her quiet life in Cactus Wren County, Arizona. In order to interrogate Carrie regarding a missing persons case he is investigating for his private investigations firm, Thunder shows up on Carrie's doorstep. Both Carrie and Thunder realize that they are still dangerously attracted to each other, despite their tumultous past. Having married at the tender ...