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The Autobiography of Vivian
Vivian Livingston is a small town College student who dreams of making it big in NYC. At the end of her university career, she enters a song writing contest, wins a trip to New York, and decides to move there after graduation to pursue her dreams. Along with her best friend Sophie, Vivian attempts to make her way in the big city. She and her friend deal with roach infested apartments, bad boyfriends, the trouble with waiting tables, and the rest of t...
Vivian - The V Spot
In this third and final installment in the "Vivian" trilogy, Vivian Livingston - now pushing 30 and still starring as the main attraction on the web site - finishes her first novel and sets out on a book tour. The success of her book takes her to LA, where she attempts to option the rights to her story and works on a television script for a major network. At the same time, Vivian repeatedly tries to make contact with her ex-boyfrien...
Vivian Lives
In this second installment of the Chick Lit “Vivian” trilogy, 20-something Vivian Livingston narrates her new and improved life in New York City. Five years after moving to New York, Vivian is the star of her very own web site. She has the “perfect job” as well as the ‘'perfect boyfriend” - firefighter, Jack. Unfortunately, just when it seems that Vivian's life is on track, her past begins to haunt her. Her history in an abusive relationship and her...