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An Echo In Time
Jove, Sep 2001, 5.99, 293 pp. ISBN: 0515131563 In 1889 Black Mesa, Colorado, Sam Evans knows it is time to leave the ranch to his brother and move on because the woman he loves married someone else. Though it hurts, he knows that Kurt and Olivia belong together even if the former swears he comes from another century. Still, before fleeing the area, Sam feels obligated to help Kurt in this showdown with the Durant crowd. However, some...
Only Time Will Tell
Sherry Lewis specializes in time-travel novels. This one is very good. Her heroine, Courtney Moss, lived a miserable childhood. Her mother went through a long chain of live-in boyfriends. Her grandmother resented every time Courtney's mother took Courtney to grandma's to keep Courtney out of the way. In spite of her wounds, Courtney succeeds in life, but bears hard feelings for her mother and grandmother. When her grandmother dies, Courtney returns...