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Lost in Starlight
High school reporter, Sloane Masterson, must investigate a story involving hot new guy Hayden Lancaster, but the story turns into more than she could've imagined. Sloane Masterson is a reporter for her high school's newspaper. She's quirky, obsessed with all things horror and has plans to one day be a screenwriter in LA. She's not one to go with the crowd and she always speaks her mind. She does have confidence issues, thanks to many classmates, but she ...
Moonlight Mayhem
As if being a high school student isn't enough, Shiloh is also a witch and it's her responsibility to protect her hometown from the paranormal. (This is the third book in the series and it's a continuation of the second one. The main character, Shiloh Trudell, is a witch and it's her *secret* duty to protect her town.) The story opens with Shiloh eating at the local pizza parlor with her best friend, Ariana. They're discussing that summer is almost ov...