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How We Die
In this 1994 bestseller, a surgeon and Yale professor of medicine describes in detail the primary physiological processes that take us out of this world, from heart attacks and cancer to Alzheimer's and AIDS. But this is not merely a scientific text; Dr. Nuland brings the facts alive with true stories about seeing his grandmother drop dead before his eyes, his very first professional death (a heart attack when he was just a third year med student), and t...
Lost in America
Like so many other immigrants, Meyer Nudelman came to America (from Russia) at the turn of the twentieth century, in search of a better life -- if not for him, then for his eventual children. By the time his youngest son Sherwin came along, he was hobbled and unsteady on his feet, and beset by angry women (wife, wife's mother, wife's sister) who have some unknown grudge against him. His one ally, Sherwin, is acutely embarrassed by his father's weakness a...