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Return to Oak Valley
Warner, Dec 2002 ISBN: 0446611891 Seventeen years ago, Shelley Granger fled her home in St. Galen, a small town in Northern California's Oak Valley to escape the failed romance with Sloan Ballinger. She has never returned to the valley until now. Her older brother Josh, who raised her when their parents died, killed himself and she needs to straighten out certain estate matters as well mourn him. However, her image of Josh does not reconcile ...
Swear By The Moon
Warner, Dec 2001, 6.99, 416 pp. ISBN: 0446609250 In 1788, at seventeen Thea Garrett feels mature enough to know what she wants. So ignoring the advice of her older brother Tom, she falls for the charm of Lord Randall Hawley and elopes with him. On the trek north, she finds he turns ugly when things go wrong culminating with his raping her. Tom catches up to them, but Randall forces a dual and in the ensuing fight, he dishonorably murders h...