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The Haunting Of Hill House (Science Fiction)
Dr. Montague, a psychic researcher, invites a small group to help him carry out his research into the secrets of Hill House, a house that has a history of evil events. He suggests that some houses may be inherently evil, and he hopes to discover what makes them that way. Very soon strange things begin happening–doors open and shut when no one is near; there is banging in the walls; eerie voices are heard. While the doctor insists everyone is safe, oth...
The Haunting of Hill House (Thriller/Action)
Four people spend creepy nights in Hill House, believed to be haunted by it's deceased owners. Shy inhabitant finds herself strangely attracted to house's past. Story develops nicely, surprisingly suspenseful, believable events and characters. ...
We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Literature)
When this book opens, and start to read the words that flow beautifully, you begin this journey without any concerns. You reading further, thinking that soon you will come do a dynamic change of events; however, there is no such action that has been taken in this work. You first meet and becom e fimilair with the main character, Mary Kathern Blackwood, or as she is known in the town and in her home as Merricat. Her sister, Constance, is a homebody (mainl...
We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Thriller/Action)
Mary Katherine Blackstone lives with her older sister, Constance, and her invalid uncle Julian in a mansion cut off from the local village. Several years ago four members of the family had been poisoned. Constance had been accused, but was acquitted. The family is estranged from the villagers who still believe that Constance was the murderer. One day Charles, a cousin, shows up. Although Mary doesn't like him, Constance makes him welcome in the ...

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