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Suguro, a Japanese Catholic writer on the last years of his career, respected and idolized by people who find his themes enlightening, suddenly cannot help but look for the real source of evil in people's lives. He goes to places unheard of befitting a Catholic authority - bars, massage parlors, love hotels. He hires a young, pretty middle-school student, Mitsu Morita (not the one in The Girl I Left Behind) as his personal maid. He befriends a volunteer ...
The Girl I Left Behind
Tsutomu Yoshioka, an ordinary, unstudious college student in Tokyo, meets Mitsu Morita, a factory worker from the countryside, seduces her, and then leaves and shuns her. But something in her character makes him never forget her: She is always willing to help people in need of spiritual comfort. After he graduates he goes on to a medium-sized company and starts rising up the ranks aided by his real relationship with Mariko Miura, the chairman's niece and...