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Clay's Quilt
In this semi-autobiogragical novel, we meet a young man named Clay. He works as a coal miner. Other characters include his best friend Cake and a cousin, Dreama along with assorted other relatives. It is a sensitive picture of a place foreign to many Americans and describes a way of life that is vanishing rapidly. Clay's struggles to accept his mother's early and violent death war with his desire to live and to find love. He seeks to be released ...
Parchment of Leaves
Parchment of Leaves is a beautiful story. Like most Southern literature, it is as slow and easy as sipping iced tea on the porch on a hot summer's day. The central characters of this story are Vine, a Cherokee woman rumored to be the cause of many misshaps/injuries to White men of the area--men who wandered onto the property and caught a glimpse of Vine's beauty. She is beautiful and mysterious and unafraid. Saul Sullivan is a farmer who wanders ...
The Coal Tattoo
Two sisters are orphaned when their father is killed in a coal mine accident and their mother, insane with grief, takes her own life. Easter, the older sister at 22 is conventional, a churchgoing woman who sees her life as performing her duty. Anneth, 17 is fun-loving, somewhat wild and scornful of authority. The setting is coal mining country in Kentucky in the late 1950s. It covers 11 years to the end of the 1960s. When the grandmother who is raisin...