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A Shock to the System
Graham Marshall is a man on the edge. At the age of forty-one, he awakens one day with the realization that he hates everything about his life. He hates his irritating and suspicious wife Merrily, he hates their children and her mother, he hates his house, he hates his financial situation, and he hates the fact that the job he has worked for for twenty years is being given to a yuppie named Benham. On the night that he is informed of Benham's promotio...
Death on the Downs
When retiree Carole Seddon decides to take a walk and explore the South Downs of the town of Weldisham she gets caught in a sudden rainstorm. She runs for shelter in an old barn where she finds two fertilizer bags stuffed with human bones. Once she gets back to the town she reports her find to the local police. News travels quickly in Weldisham and before her ride home arrives the news of her discovery is the talk of the local pub. The townspeople th...
Murder In the Museum
Berkley, August 2003, 22.95, 352 pp. ISBN 0425190437 After a successful career in the Home Office, Carole Seddon retires to the seashore resort town of Fethering in West Sussex where she becomes friends with Jude, her next door neighbor. They partner up solving several local homicides. Carole has recently taken a volunteer position of trustee at Bracketts House, the home where the famous Catholic writer Esmond Chadleigh once lives. The propert...
The Hanging in the Hotel
Berkley, Aug 2004, 23.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0425196518 Former model Suzy Longthorne owns the Hopwicke County House Hotel. She was doing quite well until 9/11 caused a major drop in travel. The once exclusive hotel turned to a different type of client to stay afloat. In addition, helping Suzy at times is her friend Jude who fills in when a waitress calls in sick and her pal is short handed. The last time Jude worked at the hotel, the Pillars of ...

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The Torso In The Town
Berkley, August 2002, 22.95, 352 pp. ISBN 0425185028 Although Carole and Jude are both in their fifties, single and live right next door to each other in the West Sussex Coastal town of Fethering, they are total opposites. Jude is a free-spirited extrovert with an easygoing personality while Carole is conservative, prim, and down in the dumps because a relationship didn't work out. Jude attends a small dinner party in Fedborough, eight miles ...

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