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A Mystery Of Errors
Forge, Dec 2000, 22.95, 240 pp. ISBN: 0312873727 On his way to London to become an actor, Symington “Tuck” Smythe has been accosted three times by highwaymen, but no one succeeded in robbing him since he had no money. On the fourth attempt Black Billy believes Tuck' statement of nothing to rob and flips the traveler a silver crown so he can have a bite to eat and a room in the nearby Haw and Mouse Inn. However, no rooms are available, but a...
Much Ado About Murder
Forge, Dec 2002, 23.95, 30 pp. ISBN: 0765302411 After leaving their hamlet for cash, wannabe playwright Will Shakespeare and his equally hopeful thespian Tuck Smythe think all's well as they are on the brink of fame (and steady meals with decent ale) when the plague strikes. To reduce the chance of the epidemic spreading, theaters are closed. With the halls shut, Will markets a sonnet romance writing business while Tuck toils at a smithy. Fo...
The Slaying Of The Shrew
Forge, Dec 2001, 23.95, 240 pp. ISBN: 031287894X Affluent merchant Godfrey Middleton wants only the best for the wedding of his beloved oldest daughter Catherine. Among the festivities on Godfrey's lavish estate is a performance by The Queen's Men acting troupe currently performing on the London stage. The troupe include best friends Tuck Smythe (a ham who wants to act, but has no talent) and Will Shakespeare (a wannabe writer). Tuck...
The Wizard Of Camelot
In the near future, Earth's environment, economic system, and governments have degenerated into anarchy. Urban rioters roam the streets, families starve in their homes, and suicide is common. It is in this world that Tom Malory, an English soldier, sneaks into a restricted forest to chop down an oak tree and steal enough wood to keep his family warm. Instead, Malory's axe releases Merlin the Magician who has been imprisoned in the oak for centuries. ...

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