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Lewis tells the story of Martin Arrowsmith, from his childhood fascination with medicine, through his college studies and into his medical career. Arrowsmith is faced with the choice between practicing as a physician or doing medical research. At first he goes to open an office in South Dakota with his wife, a nurse. Then he moves to Iowa for a job in public health. Disappointed with his career so far, he is able to return to the laboratory at the ...
This book tells the classic story of life in a small town, about a man who has never truly found satisfaction in his life....
Main Street
Carol Milford, an idealistic young librarian in turn-of-the-century St. Paul, marries a country doctor who convinces her that, as his wife, she will be able to uplift and reform a grateful society in a Minnesota prairie town. Instead, she finds that cliquishness, petty rivalries, social injustice, and a smug resistance to outside ideas distinguish most of her new neighbors -- including her husband. Carol does not succeed in reforming the town, but th...