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Jousting matches, kidnapping, daring escapes, and violent sibling rivalry--Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott has it all. Set in the age of Robin Hood, Richard the Lionhearted, and Prince John, the book tells the story of the conflict between the Normans and the Saxons in Medieval England. As Brian de Bois-Guilbert of the Knights Templar clashes with two Saxon peasants, the nobleman Cedric the Saxon and his ward, Rowena, struggle to make a life for thems...
During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Leicester, the Queen's favorite, secretly marries Amy Rosbart to avoid the Queen's wrath and keeps her isolated from society. She is discovered by on old lover, who believes that she is the mistress of Varney, a villainous ally of Leicester, and tries to convince her to run away. When she refuses, he goes to the Queen with his story. Varney saves Leicester by claiming that Amy is his wife. When the Queen orders ...
Quentin Durward
The novel takes place in the fifteenth century in France during the reign of Louis XI. Quentin Durward, a young Scot, has come to seek his fortune and is employed by the king to escort the Countess Isabelle de Croye to the castle of the Bishop of Liege. The secret plot of the king is that William de la Marck will attack the party and abduct Isabelle. Quentin succeeds in foiling the plot, but when he arrives at the castle with Isabelle, there is fu...
The Heart of Midlothian
Jeanie Deans, the heroine of "The Heart of Midlothian" is a religious Scottish lassie. Her sister Effie has been imprisoned because she has had a stillborn baby and not told anyone she was pregnant which was against the law at the time to prevent women from getting rid of unwanted children. She has a chance to escape during the Porteus prison riots, but chooses not to. Instead, she wants her sister to say that she had been told about the pregnancy. J...

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