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Heir of Stone
Daw, Jan 2005, 24.95, 468 pp. ISBN 0756402549 Lamh Shabhala is the master cloch (a magical stone) that gives its wearer tremendous power. Jenna MacEgan is the First Holder and the queen of the Irish Thuaildh hated and feared by the royals who resent the power she wields over them even though they possess clochs albeit weaker ones than Jenna. The aristocracy also detests her daughter Meriel the healer because she heals many commoners instead of ...
Holder of Lightning - The Cloudmages 1
In this book, Jenna Aoire, the main character, is forced to face the harsh reality of life in ancient Ireland. She finds an ordinary stone that turns out to be the most powerfull magic stone on earth. Everyone wants it, and will kill to get it. She loses her lover to the bad guy, and strikes down with great vengeance upon anyone who dares to cross her. She struggles to keep going, although everyone she has ever loved was either killed, or turned against ...
Mage of Clouds
Daw Books, Jan 2004, 512 pp. ISBN: 0756401690 Twenty years have passed since Jenna MacEagan defeated her rivals to become the First Holder (see HOLDER OF LIGHTNING). She succeeded because she found the Lamh Shabbala stone that controls all the clochs. However, Jenna's enemies still lurk and are planning the abduction of Jenna's precious daughter Meriel by her Uncle Doyle, whose vow to do no harm to his half-sister ended when their mom died. ...