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Callahan's Legacy
Perhaps one too many as the characters from Callahan's Crosstime Saloon meet again to down a few, trade puns and save the world. When alien Mickey Finn and Mary Callahan return from being thrashed by a 3 legged alien bent on destroying the world, Callahan's team kicks in to save the world with a few drinks and some horrible puns. Entertaining but predictable. Not as good as the first....
Callahans Crosstime Saloon
Wally and Moira, major science fiction fans, find themselves in a dream situation--helping a traveler from the future avoid creating a paradox. Unfortunately for them, they discover that he is not a time traveler at all--after they have given them most of their money and money from the funds of the sci-fi convention they run. Of course, just because Paul (their con-man) isn't a time traveler doesn't mean that there aren't any time travelers among them ...
As with most books with a clever plot, the reading enjoyment of "Mindkiller" would suffer from my re-telling the story here. Its chapters are alternately following the adventures of Norman Kent (university teacher) and Joe Templeton (burglar), who, several years apart from each other, seem to trace the same mystery that had taken away the sister of the one and the identity of the other. The mystery is closely connected to the invention of "Mindwipe" ...

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Very Bad Deaths
Baen, Dec 2004, 18.00, 271 pp. ISBN: 074348861X Fiftyish Canadian Russell Walker is depressed and thinking about committing suicide as he has ever since his beloved wife and companion for over three decades Susan recently died. Russell's college acquaintance Zandor "Smelly" Zudenigo arrives needing help. In 1967, Russell met Smelly, an Einstein clone, who could read minds. Smelly needs Russell, the only mind that the genius can tolerate for ...

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