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Sonnet, Feb 2001, 6.50, 390 pp. ISBN: 0671775480 Early in the Teddy Roosevelt administration, Truvy Valentine teaches economics and coaches athletics at the all girls St. Francis Academy. Although a renegade in many ways, her energy makes Truvy a popular teacher among the administration, staff, and students. However, she totally crosses the line when she reads extracts from a nonregulated book, “The Science of Life”, that provides insight o...
Pink Moon
Stef Ann Holm Mira, Oct 2004, ISBN: 0778320863 In Bella Luna, California renovation expert Nick DiMartino is pleased with the single life he has raising his six-year-old son Nicky Junior amongst his extended family. Although he wishes the best for Nicky's recently remarried mom Debbie living in Los Angeles, he will not forgive her for abandoning their child when Junior was one years old. Now Debbie wants Nicky permanently. Newcomer Lauren Je...