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Jane and His Lordship's Legacy
Bantam, Mar 2005, 24.00, 292 pp. ISBN: 0553802259 Edward Austin, Jane's wealthy brother, owns the freehold of every house in Chawton Village; he gives his sister and their mother the cottage of the late bailiff, booting out his wife which made the villagers irate. The female Austins believe the renovated cottage will make a happy home for them, a new beginning of sorts. On their first day in their new home, a lawyer visits Jane with a Bengal t...
Jane and the Ghosts of Netley
Bantam, June 2003, 24.95, 294 pp. ISBN 0553802224 It has been over two years since Jane Austen has last seen Lord Harold Trowbridge, the second son of the fifth duke of Wilborugh. Most of the realm sees him as a rakehell and a rogue, but Jane knows that is his public persona. Behind the scenes he works for the government as a spymaster looking for ways to defeat Napoleon. In 1808 in the port town of Southampton, Lord Harold asks Jane to spy u...
Jane and the Prisoner of Woolhouse
This is another of Jane Austen's adventures in intrigue as the intelligent authoress attempts to find evidence that will acquite her brother's friend Captain Seagrave from being hung for allegedly murdering a Frendh sea captain after he surrendered. She ends up tending the sick French prisoners in order to find out what actually happened on the French ship. There she meets the prisoner, Etienne La Forge, a curiously noble and educated ship's surgeon wh...
Jane and the Wandering Eye
Regency author Jane Austen is becoming bored with Bath until her Gentleman Rogue, Lord Harold Trowbridge, asks her to discreetly observe his neice who is avoiding the attentions of the horrible Earl of Swithin. During the course of her "observation" at a dance, a man is discovered stabbed - apparently by the neice's attractive brother. The only clue is a pendant containing the portrait of an eye. Jane, ever the sleuth, decides to discover the true kille...

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