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Boy in the Water
Frank LeBrun is a psychotic murderer looking for a new start, while Jessica is a 15-year old stripper escaping her abusive father and apathetic mother. Both wind up at Bishop's Hill Academy, a school in New Hampshire for rich, troubled students; one as an assistant cook, the other as a pupil. The uninspired and jaded faculty seems to be marking time until the schools imminent closure. James Hawthorne is selected as the new headmaster with emotional an...
The Church of Dead Girls
Three young girls who had been abducted are found in the attic of a home in Aurelius, NY. They are dead, bound by rope to chairs side by side, and missing their left hands. The story narration turns back in time to when two unsettling events occur just a short period prior to the grisly discovery. First is the gruesome murder of Janice McNeal, ex-wife to Patrick and mother of Aaron. She is not very subtle about her sexual liaisons and is reputed to ...