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Moab Is My Washpot
Stephen Fry is a British actor. He played Oscar Wilde in Wilde. Fans of British television will know him as the butler Jeeves in Jeeves & Wooster (Hugh Laurie, who now plays the title character in Fox's House, played Wooster). Years ago, Fry and Laurie had a comedy show called A Bit of Fry and Laurie. This book tells of Fry's early years, starting when he is still living at home and attend a school in his village. At seven, his family sends him of...
The Liar
Adrian Healey, sexual star of his boarding school, secret lover of the blonde and beautiful Hugo Cartwright, spends his gap year as a rent boy in Piccadilly. Once at Cambridge, he discovers a lost Dickens' manuscript, the pornographic story of the seduction of a blonde and beautiful boy. Adrian's compulsive lying is matched only by the cunning of his tutor Donald Trefusis, who is himself caught having sex in a public toilet, before recruiting Adrian ...