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Black Light
Earl Swagger is killed in a shoot-out near Blue Eye, Arkansas by two petty criminals. A World War II hero and dedicated state trooper, Earl leaves behind a nine-year-old son named Bob Lee Swagger. Bob grows up to become a famous marine sniper in Vietnam and is now trying to live a quiet life with his new wife and child in the Arizona desert. Bob is approached by Russ Pewtie, a young writer who is attempting to complete a book on Earl's death. Bob relucta...
Dirty White Boys
Dirty White Boys is the story of Lamar Pye's prison break and his life on the run. Lamar has an altercation with a tough black dude in McAlester State Penitentiary in Oklahoma. He knows that this will eventually lead to his demise so he gets his mentally handicapped cousin Odell and his artist cellmate Richard and they break out of the Penitentiary. Russel "Bud" Pewtie is then called to track down the escaped convicts. Once on the outside, Lamar kills a ...
Simon & Schuster, Oct 2003, 25.00, 480pp ISBN: 0743238087 In 1953, the don't say his name boss arrives in Havana with a dossier on a charismatic threat to the currently American supported dictator. He orders Roger St. Johns Evans and Walter Short to eliminate Fidel Castro before he causes problems like regime changing and Communist government building. Walter suggests they use Earl Swagger of Arkansas on the assignment. The Boss sends a loy...
Pale Horse Coming
Simon & Schuster, Oct 2001, 25.00, 487 pp. ISBN: 0684863618 By 1951 Thebes, Mississippi is a ghost town converted to a penal colony for Negro criminals. Once in you never leave as the only egress is by boat in a casket. The warden and guards run a tight operation making life miserable for the prisoners because the standard operating norm is whipping and torture. The men in charge use all sorts of diabolical devices to keep the prisoners in ...

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Time To Hunt
Donny Fenn is trapped by military intelligence in Washington, D.C. when he is a Marine honor guard. His conscience dictates that he not become a witness for the prosecution in an attempt to discredit a fellow Marine. He's teamed up with Bob "the nailer" Swagger. Bob's the expert sniper, and Donny is his spotter. Together, they do incredible things, like destroying the morale of Viet Cong trying to overrun a Marine outpost. Many years later, his family i...

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