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Black House
Jack Sawyer is no longer the triumphant boy we met in The Talisman, now he's a cynical ex-cop on the run from himself. When a series of child murders strike his new neighborhood he's reluctant to get involved, fearing that the strange experiences he's having are the sure signs of a looming nervous breakdown. He is soon forced to accept that his boyhood daydreams of travelling to a wonderful, scary world are true. Jack is once again forced to become "...
The Talisman
Jack Sawyer is an exceptional boy with a secret ability. He can travel to a land called the Territories. This different land is somewhere that only the most exceptional people can go. As a young boy, he went to this land without thinking. His father and his father's business partner discovered this abilty, and in turn discovered the Territories. The business partner, Morgan Sloat saw an opportunity to exploit this power. Jack's father tried to hold...

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