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Black House
As a grown up, retired police officer, Jack Sawyer is forced to face his past to help solve murders of young children. He is resistent at first to help his sheriff friend and doesn't know exactly why. Slowly his past is reveled one uncomfortable layer at a time until Jack realizes time is of the essence. Jack finds some bold supporters who do battle with him in the only place he can rescue the children, the Black House....
The Talisman
Jack Sawyer is like no other twelve year old boy. In order to save his mother's life, he must travel into another world. With no father to support him, Jack make friends along the way. He doesn't need to make enemies, he already has them. Someone does not want Jack to be successful on his journey and tries to kill him every chance he gets. In this other world, Jack befriends a large hairy creature he calls Wolf. Jack comes to realize that his friend ...