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Dream Thief
This a cracking good sci-fi story which with the right special effects would make a blockbuster movie. Rather unusually, it has a psychologist cast in the lead role, and our hero is aboard earth's latest and most sophisticated geostationary space station researching the psychophysiology of sleep in space. The villain has acquired some Martian alien technology, and has a keen interest in combining the alien gizmo with the sleep research to create the ulti...
In the Hall of the Dragon King
Several years have passed since Quentin saved the king and restored the kingdom to his rule, but an unknown advarsary is quickly approaching. Because of the reports of unrest in the south, the king sends Quentin and Toli to go and make inquiries. On the road, the two young men run into many peasants who are leaving their citys because of some monsterous atrocity. When the two men arrive at an abandoned city, they capture a person spying on them only to d...
The Mystic Rose - Celtic Chronicles 3
This is the story of a young Celtic woman, Catroina, in the middle ages. He journeys to the Holy Land with her father, where he is murdered by an old enemy. This old enemy happens to be one of the famous and powerful Knights Templar. Catroina manages to take from a Knight a document that mentions the Mystic Rose, also known as the Holy Grail. She teams up with some displaced Norsemen and sets off on a chase to the treasure. ...