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The Amber Room
Karol “Ears” Borya had survived many months in the Mauthausen Concentration Camp during the Second World War. It was there that he first heard mention of The Amber Room, and after his release from the camp he went searching for the treasure. It was never found, however, and forty years later Borya is convinced that the past is behind him – until one day, he gets a visit from Christian Knoll, an “Acquisitor” interested in information about The Amber Room....
The Romanov Prophecy
The people of Russia vote to restore the monarchy, with a tsar to be chosen among the distant relatives of Nicholas II. Atlanta lawyer Miles Lord goes to Moscow to research the claim of the candidate his firm supports. But not long after he arrives in Moscow, two hired gunman from the Russian Mafia shoot at him in a city plaza. While doing research in the archives of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Lord comes across information which indicates that at le...

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