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Speck Press, Nov 2004, 24.00, 225 pp. ISBN 097 2577653 Sam looks like an all-American guy but for the last two decades he has made a living by boosting collectible cars. He has amassed a fortune but he still needs the adrenaline rush which is why he agrees to the request of Robin of Mitch's Automotive Salvage to steal a 1965 Thunderbird. Before dropping the car off at Robin's he stops at a 7-Eleven for a drink. The police who are also there ad...
Intrigue, Sept 2003, 24.95, 300 pp. ISBN 1890768502 Former Chicago homicide detective Joe Riley has been trying to find hit woman Lily Marden for a long time because she is the key to getting his job back. The trail takes him to Las Vegas where he gets into a card game with two gamblers who don't take kindly to losing all their money to a tourist. While he is winning a small fortune, Lily is completing her latest contract. Joe reads about the ...