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Blood is the Sky
This is the fifth book in the Alex McKnight series about a former cop turned rental agent that works in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, on the shore of Lake Superior. We start out with Alex rebuilding his cabin that has burned to the ground. He is doing this in late fall and it appears he might not get it built before the winter snows start. A friend of his by the name of Vinnie, an Ojibwa Indian, offers to help him rebuild the cabin and tells him tha...
Cold Day In Paradise
In the first of Steve Hamilton's Alex McKnight mystery series, Cold Day In Paradise develops the character of Alex McKnight as he moves to Paradise, Michigan to run a hunting camp built by his late father. The story gets rolling when Edwin Fulton, the son of a wealthy Detroit family and a compulsive gambler, calls Alex from a motel where he has found the murdered body of his bookie. After McKnight is pursuaded to become a private investigator he is hired...
Ice Run
Dune, June 2004, 21.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0312301219 Alex McKnight owns and operates six cabins in Paradise, Michigan and even though it is March, a snowstorm brings in the tourists who want to go snowmobiling or other sports on the snow. Unable to leave the business, Alex arranges for his girlfriend, Canadian police officer Natalie Reynaud to meet him at the Jojibway Hotel for a special romantic tryst. While there, they meet an old man who is later...
North Of Nowhere
St. Martin's, May 2002, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0312268971 Turning forty-nine this summer in Paradise, Michigan, Alex McKnight spends a lot time reflecting on his life so far but finds it wanting. He turns reclusive until his pal, Glasgow Inn owner Jackie Connery, bullies Alex to join a poker game hosted by wealthy developer Win Vargas. During the game, Win claims that one of the regulars, not playing that night, is having an affair with his wi...

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