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Double Tap
Lawyers Paul Madriani and Harry Hinds are hired to represent Emiliano Ruiz, a thirty-eight year old retired Army sergeant, accused of killing the CEO of a prominent high-tech company. She was killed with a double-tap shot, a technique only a skilled marksman can make. They set out to prove Ruiz's innocence. Paul Madriani is one of a handful of lawyers called upon by veteran's advocacy group called the GI Defense Fund, to represent Ruiz. The fund pays for...
The Arraignment
The Arrangement Putnam, Jan 2001, 25.95, 416 pp. ISBN 0399148787 The law firm of Madriani and Hinds of Coronado, California consists of two partners, Harry Hinds and Paul Madriani. They are an ethical pair who refuse to accept drug cases. At the coaxing of his trophy wife, Nick Rush, a criminal attorney at the legal giant Rocker, Dusha and DeWine, asks Paul to take on the case of Gerald Metz, a business man entangled with a grand jury probe. Ni...
The Attorney
This was a great book. There are several mysteries that unfold and some surprises. Who is the murderer? Where is the child? Will she be found and brought back to her grandparents? ...
The Jury
Putnam, Jul 2001, 25.95, 448 pp. ISBN: 0399146725 While floating in the water near San Diego, research scientist Kalista Jordan contemplates what she can do next to get ahead in her profession. The intelligent African-American physicist knows all the angles and is setting in motion her plan to replace her boss Dr. David Crone. However, she runs into her apartment when she hears a frightening noise only to have someone choke her to death. ...

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