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Andromeda (Science Fiction)
1,000 low- income pre-schoolers are given patterning, guidance, food supplements, and brainwashing based on the template of a Black Olympian born in Harlem, who is also a soldier, media giant and politician and a serial killer named Alexander Marcus. Patrick Emery is one of the now 13 year olds given this treatment without his knowledge. Then Marcus' evil followers invite 50 of the children to a summer camp in Arizona, because these children seem the m...
Andromeda (Science Fiction)
Aspect, Apr 2003, 24.95, 480 pp. ISBN: 0446531227 In A.H 1294 (equivalent to A.D. 1877), Ethiopian nobleman Kai is married and raising a family on his Bilalistan (equivalent to Southern USA) plantation. He liberated his loyal slave, white Irishman Aidan with the freedman residing in a community of former slaves. However, though an ocean away, the events in the African motherland impact those settled in the colonies as Ethiopia and Egypt seem on...
Andromeda (Science Fiction)
Del Rey, Jun 2004, 25.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0345458974 While the Clone Wars continue, the Republic learns that the remote planet, Ord Cestus, is mass-producing special bio-droids capable of defeating a Jedi in mortal combat. Apparently, a ban on producing battle droids ravaged the local economy leading to the Cestus bartering with the Republic's enemy, Count Doohu and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Taking the threat seriously, Chancellor P...
Andromeda (Science Fiction)
Warner, Feb 2002, 24.95, 461 pp. ISBN: 0446526681 Depending on who you are the year is either 1279 or 1863. Bilalistan is divided between Aztecs mostly to the south, Zulus and Arabs in the heartland, and some Vikings to the Northeast off the ocean. The native residents fled west towards the other ocean. To work the land, ignorant barbarians taken from the continent due east toil as slaves. The coexistence between the three prime po...

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