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Lord of the Dark Sun
Love Spell, Dec 2002, 5.99, 358 pp. ISBN: 0505525054 To celebrate graduation from the Intersystem Academy, Princess Ariana persuades her friends to journey to the outpost of the Border Territory. However, instead of fun at the infamous Lodder Vale, Automons, using a strange gas, capture Princess Ariana and her shipmates. Ariana knows her father will come after her with every force the Intersystem can muster even as she is transported to Mining ...
The Renegade's Heart
Leisure, Feb 2002, 5.99, 392 pp. ISBN: 0843949643 In the 1890 New Mexico Territory, Diego de Aguirre knows he cannot live up to the heritage his heroic brother set so decides to take pleasure from the role of hedonistic scapegrace. When trouble returns to Tewa Pueblo, his sibling dubbed the Renegade is not in town to save the day. Diego knows his town needs a hero so he darns his brother's mask in order to save the community. Daughte...