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Family Pictures
"Family Pictures" follows the lives of the Eberhardt family from the early 1950s until 1979, giving us a picture of different family members at significant points in their lives. Chapters switch from character to character and from year to year, although most of the focus is given to mother Lainie and daughter Nina. The book is not heavily plotted; instead it is an intense character study. Father David is an even-tempered psychiatrist and his wife L...
While I Was Gone
Jo rushed into marriage and a career as a teacher only to find she was vaguely dissatisfied, enough to run away from both. She joins a commune in 1960s Cambridge with several men and two other women who are students and professionals. After giving a pseudonym and finding work as a cocktail waitresses, she experiences life in the immediate and builds a friendship with one of the women, Dana, a sensitive and artistic woman. One night coming home from he...