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Getting Lucky
Avon, Mar 2003, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 038081918X Reconnaissance marine Zach Taylor comes home to see his younger sister in their Southern California house only to find his sibling gone and a renter living there. Zach is nasty and rude to tenant Lily Morrisette insisting she leave as he figures she is just another con tricking his naive sister out of her upcoming fortune. Lily rejects Zach's boorish behavior insisting she possesses a signed lease....
Hot and Bothered
Mira, Aug 2004, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0778320219 In Colorado Springs, Ford Hamilton thinks his two children from different women are major disappointments. His oldest Victoria got pregnant with some nameless jerk and refused to abort; instead she raises her daughter Esme by herself. His teenage son Jared is an angry loser with a history of trouble with the law. Ford's feelings towards his offspring end when someone stabs him in his heart with hi...
Shadow Dance
A new serial killer's in town, they call him the Show Girl Slayer, and he's killing off dancers one by one. One of his victims was Amanda Rose Charles' best friend. When Tristan MacLaughlin, the leading investigator, asks Amanda Rose to identify the body he thought she was just like all the other dancers, that she was a whore. Amanda herself had come up with some thoughts about Tristan: egotistical, a robot. But as they get to know each other they rea...